Chinese Dance 

Each week, students will learn a different style of Chinese dance from the diverse regions and indigenous ethnic groups of China such as handkerchief dance from Northeastern China, Mongolian chopstick dance, or Dai dance. Through dance, students will learn about different customs and ways of life prevalent to the peoples of China.













Chinese language

Speak and sing in Chinese during this class which uses images, songs, games and other playful activities to teach the basics of conversation, reading and writing. A different set of vocabulary and sentence structures are covered each week. Instructors from the other classes may supplement this class by speaking to students in Chinese.













Martial Arts

Students will discover the world and discipline of Kung Fu during this energetic class concentrating on coordination and stamina. Through this martial arts class each child will develop reflexes, mental concentration, and self esteem. Our instructors, from the Shaolin Kung Fu school, give students a basic foundation which can be applied to advanced techniques in the future.













Traditional Arts & Crafts

Your child will explore a range of traditional Chinese crafts including paper cutting which is a 1500 year old folk art, included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, where decorative shapes are created simply by cutting and folding paper. Students will discover more elaborate patterns and designs as the weeks progress. The practice develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning. Students will also learn techniques to Chinese painting and calligraphy on rice paper.




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