Master tumbling skills, such as somersaults, cartwheels, handsprings, and aerials, in this gravity-defying class.


Ballroom This class is not offered Fall'17 semester

Learn to work the floor like a pro in our Latin Ballroom class. From Cha Cha to Samba, learn how to shake your hips and heat up the dance floor!



Learn basic dance terminology, body alignment, and dance technique through barre work, stretches, jumps, and floor work.


Beijing Opera Weaponry This class is not offered Fall'17 semester

Learn the dramatic movements that evolved from ancient battle techniques through strength and precision of sword, spear, and staff play.


Chinese Dance 101 for Adults This class is not offered Fall'17 semester

Learn about the different styles and techniques of Chinese dance, along with the history behind the gestures and movements, in this introductory course.


Chinese Yo-Yo: The beautiful and skillful technique of playing the Chinese yo-yo has lasted through history entertaining children and adults alike. Learning to play the Chinese yo-yo engages the upper body with movements of agility and coordination with the yo-yo while strengthening the lower body muscles.


Calligraphy/Ink brush Painting

Immerse yourself in the traditional Chinese writing system where the flow of lines blends language with art.  Paint traditional landscapes, tree blossoms and animals using simple brush strokes and subtle shades.


Classical Dance

Join this class and get a flavor of the technical skill, fo rm and bearing, the three main components in Classical Chinese dance.


 Dunhuang Dance 

Master the flowing movements and delicate poses of this unique traditional dance inspired by the images of Buddha found in the caves of the ancient city of Dunhuang, in Western China. 


Fan Dance This class is not offered Fall'17 semester

Master the cognitive and physical disciplines to perform the delicate movements of this traditional Chinese folk dance using colorful fans.



Workout using select dance techniques to increase abdominal strength, flexibility, and stamina.


Folk / Ethnic Chinese Dance

Learn the rich dance traditions of China’s numerous ethnic tribes and nationalities, each with its own rhythm, signature movements, and style.


Handkerchief Dance This class is not offered Fall'17 semester

Acquire the intricate subtleties of the handkerchief dance, one of the important branches of the dance style (秧歌).


Modern Dance: Come explore space, dynamic and time in this western dance form and have fun discovering and

listening to your own body.


Mongolian Dance

Learn dance movements drawn from the common daily activities of the idyllic Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, which place special emphasis on a close relationship with wildlife, including rhythmic movements mimicking lassoing cattle and horseback riding.


Ribbon Dance: Learn how to wave yards of bright silk to create a visual collage of circles, swirls, corkscrews, and curlicues.


Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn basic stances, strikes, and techniques, while boosting coordination and stamina, developing quick reflexes, mental concentration, and building self-esteem.


Student Dance Company: SDC gives opportunities to students who want to have more rigorous dance training, learn more repertoires, perform in many public cultural events and participate in dance competitions.


Sword Dance

The Chinese Sword Dance is a type of folk dance popular in the Han and Tang Dynasties.  The Sword Dance is one of the four classical dances used in the Chinese opera.  There are two styles of Sword Dance:  one is relaxation and flexibility, while the other focuses on speed and strength.  Sword dancers are required to be highly agile and athletic.


Paper Cutting

Create intricate works of art through this folk art, which dates back to the 6th century.  Practice hand-eye coordination in creating elaborate designs.


Tai Ji and Tai Ji Sword

Engage in a gentle and fluid martial art that develops balance, coordination, and peace of mind through movement and meditation.  Learn Yang and Chen style Tai Ji and Wudang sword forms.


Technique Training

Master the upper body movements of Chinese dance, which are fused with the lower body movements of ballet barre work.




Available for Select Students


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* Limited to one free trial class per person and for new students only. Please contact us by emailing or 212-334-3764 ext. 707
** The Wai-han Sze Chu Memorial Scholarship is offered to a limited number of eligible students.

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