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7/13-8/17 Kung Fu

Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm ET

  • Starts Jul 13
  • 90 US dollars
  • Museum of Chinese in America, 215 Centre St, New York, NY 10013

Available spots

Service Description

Open Level, Ages 7 and up. Learn basic stances, strikes, and techniques, while boosting coordination and stamina, developing quick reflexes, mental concentration, and building self-esteem. *Please register by 7/12/24. Classes with low enrollment will be canceled by 7/17/24. If you are interested in registering for this class, please email *NYCCC T-shirt required for new students. T-shirt fee: $20 Class Description: HUNG GAR CHUAN and FUNDAMENTALS OF KUNG FU Hung Chuan/Hung Gar is a rooted, ground up kung fu style built upon stable, sturdy but interchangeable stances, the core being Ma buh or si peng mah. As a southern style or 'nan-chaun' the Tiger Crane style is more hand technique oriented. signatured by bridge hands and tiger hands, but it does include a full set of kicks as well - Hung Chuan/Hung Gar also includes basic movements from Five Animals, Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Leopard and Snake, and the Five Elements of Metal (or Gold), Water, Fire, Earth, and Wood. Tiger/Crane promotes and develops strong physical conditioning and health and fosters perseverance. Teacher Bio: Dominick Castaldo began learning in 1987 and can trace his teacher and predecessors thru the generations to Fei Hong and Si Kwan. Dominick also authored an article that was published in Inside Kung Fu magazine and later featured in one of their Special Edition issues. Mr. Castaldo has also spent the last 25+ years learning and focusing on the fundamentals of Kung Fu. Chinese movement for Kung Fu, Chinese Dancing, Beijing Opera, Taiji all are performed and expressed with circularity and spinning force from the center of gravity of the human body, the core of that being the Tan-tien. Fundamentals also include understanding and applying the human body's center of mass, structural alignment/integrity, mechanical integrity (which is structural alignment in movement), kinetic energy, applied energy and more. Peng Jing, Fah Jing, Sticking Hands, Circular or Spinning Force, and, Expansion/Contraction are also fundamentals. All are realized and truly understood thru the experience of mindful practice, moving the practitioner from the conceptual to the true real-time realization of experiential awareness. Castaldo will communicate these utilizing Yin/Yang principles and their Physics counterpart principles for guidance to foster development and understanding.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

CLASSES: No refunds or credits will be made for incidental absences or withdrawals. NYCCC reserves the right to cancel or change any class listed in our class schedule if enrollment is inadequate. We also reserve the right to change instructors. If a class is cancelled and a student is unable to find an appropriate replacement class, tuition will be refunded. If students want to cancel a class, they have to cancel before third week of semester. We will charge student class fee for first 1 or 2 classes and $25 cancellation fee. We will refund the prorated balance of the tuition fee.

Contact Details

137 Henry Street

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