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School of the Arts

New York Chinese Cultural Center's School of the Arts offers a comprehensive curriculum of Chinese dance, martial arts, Beijing opera acrobatics and weaponry, Chinese language, ink brush painting, and paper cutting for students of all ages. Learn how to artfully master the sword or ribbon, how to create works of art out of brush and paper, or simply how to stay fit! With so many choices from beginner to advanced, there's sure to be a class that's right for you! All classes are grouped according to age and skill level.

Fees & Pricing


  • Tuition and fees are subject to change. 

  • Tuition must be paid in full before the first day of class.


  • Please check class description for fees. 


  • By registering for class with NYCCC I agree for myself and/or my child to be added to NYCCC mailing list. This is to ensure that we have your most current contact information on file for any last minute communications in the unlikely event of an emergency.

  • Class Cancellations: No refunds or credits will be made for incidental absences, illnesses or withdrawals. NYCCC reserves the right to cancel or change any class listed in our class schedule if enrollment is inadequate. We also reserve the right to change instructors. If a class is cancelled and a student is unable to find an appropriate replacement class, tuition will be refunded. If students want to cancel a class, they have to cancel before the third class of the semester. We will charge the student the class fees for the first and/or second classes attended and a $25 cancellation fee. We will refund the prorated balance of the tuition fee.

  • Make-up Classes: Make-up classes are NOT available for students who miss class. Classes are cumulative and we ask that students try their best to attend every class.

  • Trial Classes/Sessions: No drop-ins allowed, except for trial class. Limited to one free trial class per person and for new students only. Please contact us at for more information.

  • Performances: While NYCCC offers performance opportunities for its students, it is NOT guaranteed that every student will be selected to participate at public performances besides NYCCC's end of semester Showcases and Recitals.


  • Class Viewing: Due to space concerns, parents and caregivers are not allowed in classrooms and studios during class time. There are ample waiting areas in the studio facility for you to rest while your child is in class. You will have opportunities to see your child perform throughout the year at NYCCC's end of semester Showcases, Recitals and/or at local performances.

  • Dress code: All students taking dance classes are expected to wear proper attire which can include t-shirts, leotards, tights/leggings, etc. Students must also wear shoes appropriate to their class. Ballet slippers, folk shoes and Mongolian boots are available for purchase. Please ask the school director for help.

  • Behavioral Expectations: Students will show respect and courtesy to other people at all times. This includes not using abusive/inappropriate language, bullying, harassing, fighting, and hazing.

    • Students will show respect for property inside and outside of the classrooms.

    • Students will behave in a manner that does not endanger themselves or others.

    • Continual inappropriate behavior will result in removal from classes with no refund.

    • Please advise the staff of any special needs, behavioral, physical or other concerns.

    • For online classes, students must remain visible on their screens. NYCCC will not be responsible for the student if she/he leaves the screen. Should this happen, NYCCC will notify the emergency contact for the students.

  • Please do not leave your child/children unattended outside of class hours.


  • Please do not leave your personal belongings behind.  NYCCC is not responsible for the loss of any personal articles.

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